Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Dear Ed.
I have been submitting poetry short stories and artwork for the past several years. I began writing when I was ten years old, my grandparents gave me my first typewriter. I have written 102 books of poetry and 18 novels over the past Four or five years. I have published 604 poems, 498 short stories and 108 pieces of art in over 184 periodicals, anthologies and books as well as in six radio broadcasts. I love to write and nothing thrills me more than seeing my work in print.

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Ron Koppelberger

Ron Koppelberger

Brandy Wine

Cultivated by the birth of quiet reserve and parallels in

Desire, in wont. A find in essential parapets of stone

And entrance to decline, an unencumbered

Momentum defined by the eyes of maiden fray

And flaw, by signatures in dust and selfless

Oblivion, initiated in castles and chateaus’, in cool
Crystal goblets framed by flags and brandy wine.

Ron Koppelberger

Rebel Sash

Arrival and ambition’s daisy, dressed in saffron allure,

Speckled in ash and nascent survival,

The destiny of indulgent grace, retraced breaths of

Sweetened revolution and qualities of eternal bloom,

The facets of distinct character and

Invocation to romance, the better most temper,

Fleeting in shadowy umbrae’ of gray, a rebel sash
Justified by love and passionate earth.

Ron Koppelberger

A Wild Array of Thorns

The berth of innocent blessings in accepted

Experiences of conscious proclamation and profound

Sustaining being, as unfinished blooms of solace and scented

Desire, in rare spheres of revolution, by curves and tender lips aflame,

The uncommon touch of what’s bidden by roses and dusty dreams, a wild array of thorns nascent and silhouetted by the blood,

The fertile souls in salvation and

Enchanting loves in

Ivory frill, in

Secret availing

Ron Koppelberger

In Twilights Eyes

Ground by the moted dust of whirling delirium and gasping sighs

Of elation, a wild eyed assent exciting the vigor of

Wondrous glee and smudged panes of glass, leading the vision of ancient

Passions and freedoms in gloss, by the light of an accomplice sun torn unto bleeding skies and expectant in twilight fire, by creations in

Distant reverie’ and quietly acclaimed followings of sparrow will,

By the comfort of legends beloved, by taboo and real realms

Of earth, resolved by the passage of moments

Spent in serene repose and thrust forward
By the promises of wandering hearts.

Ron Koppelberger

The wont of survival

Blossoms in desiring talents of renewal and

More than a spirit of hasty heaven in glowing sobriety,

The profuse legend of hallowed grain and garner,

Of endless sunset crushes

In velvet adornment and eager art, the tireless existence

Of constant ritual and peppered looms

Of forgiveness and twill eternal, the cry abeyant

Unto the wont of

Helpless I do not know if good intentions prevail among the elected, among the appointed, leaving me apprehensive that the fate ...