Friday, June 4, 2010

Mike Berger, PhD is
bright, articulate,
handsome, and
extremely humble

Hi, may I introduce myself. I am Mike Berger, PhD.

I hold a doctorate in psychology. I am now retired

and writing poetry full time. I have only been writing

for a year. I have had good success publishing.

Attached are three poems and bio. Thanks for your

consideration. I hope you like the poems.



The military laundry put too much
starch in my shirt. It chaffed around
my neck. My heavy green coat was
a little too tight; in the hospital, I
had put on a few pounds.

My leg ached during the flight; I
could feel each scar where the
shrapnel was removed. I struggle
to my feet; I was unsteady on my
prosthetic leg.

I walked with a limp and in a few
minutes I hurt. My back screamed
at my unnatural gait. I leaned my
cane on an airline seat and tugged
trying to straighten my coat . There
on my chest was a Nam campaign
ribbon, a Purple Heart and a Bronze

I was greeted by my family. There
was mom and dad and my sister
Beth. People rushed by in a hurry
never giving as a second glance.
This was a heroes welcome.
Nobody gave a damn.


Dog eat dog.
First is first;
second is nothing.
To the victors...

Human sharks prowl;
barracudas bite.
Get him,
or he'll get you.

Bizarre system;
needing a fight.
Winner takes all;
might makes right

Loving success stories;
Winning happy end.
Deifying the victor;
making demigods.

Tragedy abounds;
bloody playing field.
Tragic heroes play a part
coming in second.

chaos is   chaos is currency in these troubled times   chaos is two star-crossed lovers mainlining the future   chaos is...