Monday, August 10, 2009


Mr. Wilson was BORN IN 1941 IN Ithaca, New York and was raised in the Finger Lakes Region of upstate New York. He was employed by the Traveler’s Insurance Company for 27
years from 1967 to 1994. He retired in 1994 and became disabled with his diabetes and heart
conditions. He continues to live in Vernon, CT .
In 1989 to 1991 he had 65 poems published in: various publications.
His poems are drawn from his own life’s experiences. He presents rich images through the strong and interesting use of his poetic vocabulary and language. He has continued his poetry to the present and is proud to be a poet of two centuries. He encourages others to keep poetry alive.
In 2009 Mr. Wilson has had poems accepted for publication by:
Westward Quarterly, Cloud Appreciation Society, Nomad’s Choir, The Poet’s Art
Star*Line, Write On. and (A Brilliant) Record.

James Webb Wilson

A Blue Volvo Nearby

When there are no afternoon clouds
And the dream is forever changing,
While the stars are not yet visible
And the lilacs are only remembered

Where can I hand this wisp of my heart
Where tigers cannot chew it apart
With one bite of ferocious passion
As love now seems out of fashion.

There is the lonely jet airport bound
It passes miles up above the ground
But the Blue Volvo is right nearby,
It seems so near, so close,
But it is now just not enough.

The question has no answer
Merely a rhetorical posturing of laser beams
Which crisscross in impossible dreams
Searching the afternoon summer air
To see what is left of honest care.

Blue Velvet Piano Notes

The sea runs wild with the storm
There is so much debris afloat
The restless waves hammer and pound
The endless shores of tropic isles
As we always seek the land of smiles.

But it is a raging catastrophic sea
With hopes dashed of things impossible to be,
Hopes smashed like cartons of Boston tea
By the revolution creeping in my heart,
Because time has teased me from the start.

The knight errant wears no armor now
His head is sore from thinking
His quest once noble and resolute
Fades quickly and is less precise.
Where is the honor that stings too much?.
Where is the heart he wanted to touch?
Still the blue velvet piano notes in flight
Keep echoing in the still of night.

Inside Her Hemisphere

I was inside her hemisphere today,
Inside the essence of her eternal flame
Inside the aura of her Aurora
Inside her circle of hope and trust

She was bubbly and effervescent
My invited toast was intoxicating
She was my own champagne
I was alive without pain.
So I whirled in my grand occasion

It was just a brief little moment of time
Her nickel but my dime
As she doubled my presence with her own
As I was where I wanted to be
Caught up in her hemisphere.

Helpless I do not know if good intentions prevail among the elected, among the appointed, leaving me apprehensive that the fate ...